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What is KoolClip

KoolClip runs in the background and watches the system pasteboard (also known as clipboard) for changes. When the user copies something to the pasteboard (using the Copy/Paste commands) KoolClip notices the new item and remembers it in the history. User is allowed to navigate the history either using hotkeys, via the menubar or using QuickSearch. When a particular item is selected from the history, that item becomes active in the system pasteboard and is now accessible to all the applications.

KoolClip understands clipboard items such as graphics clips, unicode text, RTF and HTML URLs, etc. and handles them appropriately. KoolClip is highly configurable and almost every aspect of it can be customized easily.

KoolClip saves the history and preferences everytime it is closed. Hence, upon reboot old clipboard entries can still be accessed. Clipboard can be cleared with a press of a key, when needed.

KoolClip is convenient for many different purposes - Graphics and text editing, Office applications, code and development, ad-hoc bookmark for rarely used URLs, place to keep ideas that can be easily retrieved, etc.

Finally, all these fabulous features are absolutely FREE, and will remain that way! If you like KoolClip and would like to see more of such software, please consider supporting it.

By default KoolClip resides in the apple menu bar with a paper-clip icon and the current item number selected is displayed. The icon displayed in the menu bar can be customized via the Preferences. You can also chose whether the current item number should be displayed in the menu bar or not.

KoolClip icon in the menu bar provides access to the clipboard history in addition to other options such as Preferences, QuickSearch, etc. The maximum number of items stored in the history can be limited via the preferences too.

KoolClip allows navigation of the pasteboard history through several means. For navigating through a small set of items, its easiest to use hotkeys (default ^⌘] and ^⌘[). When the hotkey is pressed, regardless of which application is currently active, KoolClip selects the next (or previous) item and previews it in a transluscent Flash Window. This item is also copied to the system pasteboard.

The position, size, color and transparency of this flash window can be completely customized through the Preferences.

Any desired item can also be selected from the paper-clip icon in the menu bar. Alternately its convinient to use the QuickSearch dialog (default hotkey ^⌘S) which allows you to search the clipboard for desired items.

Freezing Current Selection

This feature is intended for users who frequently need to "remember" a lot of entries without changing the clipboard contents.

You can freeze the current selection using the hotkey (default ^⌘F). The color of the paper clip icon in the menu bar changes to blue to indicate that the current selection has been frozen.

Now if you copy new items, they still get tracked by the KoolClip, but they do not become active automatically. So, if you try to paste, you will still get the frozen item no matter how many new selections you copied in the meantime.

You can change the selection in this mode, in which case the old selection becomes inactive (it is still remembered by KoolClip) and the new selection stays active.

You can unfreeze by pressing the hotkey again. The paper clip icon changes its color back to red to indicate normal operation.


KoolClip allows users to quickly search for information in the clipboard using the QuickSearch feature. The QuickSearch dialog allows type-as-you-go interface and allows selecting the items from the search list using arrow keys without changing focus (for those of us who dont particularly like using the mouse).

One of the kool features of QuickSearch is that when you copy an URL into the clipboard it loads the corresponding html page in background and lets you search the contents of this page. This is very useful to retreive visited websites that are too obscure to be added to the bookmarks, but too heard to search again in google. This option can be turned off using the Preferences dialog.

QuickSearch can search contents in different languages and find matching unicode items in the history.

New in 2.5: Locking Persistant Items

QuickSearch panel now displays a checkbox for each item displayed under the column labeled 'Lock'. Clicking this checkbox for any item ensures that the item is not deleted even when the clipboard history limit is reached. Use this sparingly only for the important items you want to persist. Such persistant items are displayed in blue under the main KoolClip menu.

NOTE: Such persistant items are never automatically deleted until you uncheck the "Lock" checkbox.

URL Actions

KoolClip handles URLs (such as http: locations) specially. It can preview the HTML pages corresponding to the URLs stored in the pasteboard and it can also search the corresponding html pages. These options can be controlled through the URL Actions Tab in the preferences.

KoolClip loads the HTML pages in background and does not slow down other operations even if you have a whole lot of URLs in the history. Also the number of bytes stored for each URL can also be configured for optimal performance.

Keyboard Shortcuts

KoolClip provides system-wide hotkeys which can be used to quickly access features such as search, navigate, clear, setup KoolClip, etc.

All the keyboard shortcuts can be easily customized using the preferences option in the menu bar.

The following are the default shortkeys defined:

^⌘]        Select Next Clip From History
^⌘[        Select Previous Clip From History
^⌘f        Freeze Current Selection
^⌘=        Show/Hide Current Selection
^⌘p        Change Preferences
^⌘s        QuickSearch Clipboard History
^⌘c        Clear all entries from the history
^⌘g        Instant Google Search from the clipboard
^⌘q        Quit KoolClip

Almost every aspect of KoolClip can be easily customized to suit individual preference.Preverences dialog can be launched either through the apple menu bar option "Preferences" or via the hotkey (default ^⌘P). The preferences dialog has four tabs, which are described below.

General Tab


Max number of items in the history to be remembered by KoolClip can be configured here. If you want unlimited history, enter 0.

Uncheck this checkbox if you do not want KoolClip to display the paper-clip icon in the apple menu bar.

Note: Once the KoolClip icon has been disabled from the menu bar the only way to access KoolClip is via hotkeys.

Customize the KoolClip icon to be displayed in the apple menu bar.

By default a red paper-clip icon is displayed in the menu bar during normal operations and a blue paper-clip icon is displayed when the current selection has been frozen. These icons can be changed by dragging and dropping any image file into the image boxes shown above. The images should have a height of 12 pixels for best results.

By default the index of the currently selected item is displayed next to the paper-clip icon in the apple menu bar. This can be disabled by unchecking the checkbox.

Flash Window Tab


By clicking on this tab, the flash window is displayed with a title-bar and border. You can resize this window and position it anywhere on the screen. You can also select the color and transparency for the flash window. The changes are activated the next time you invoke the flash window using the hotkeys.

URL Actions Tab


prefs-urlpreview By default, KoolClip displays a preview of the HTML pages when an URL is selected, both in the flash window and the QuickSearch dialog. If this behaviour is not desired uncheck this checkbox. The changes are applied to new URLs copied to the clipboard or when KoolClip is restarted the next-time.

prefs-urlsearch By default, QuickSearch allows you to search the HTML pages corresponding to the URLs listed in the history. When this behaviour is turned off, URLs are treated as text, just like other items in the history.

prefs-urlmaxdata If either of the above two options are enabled, KoolClip downloads data for URLs in the background. You can limit the maximum size of this data so that seaches and previews can remain responsive and also to reduce the amount of space used by these URLs.

Hotkeys Tab


In this tab users can customize various system-wide hotkeys for accessing KoolClip. prefs-hotkey


Click on the button to enter the hotkey combination (including control, command and option keys) for each action. Click DELETE to disable the hotkey for any action and ESCAPE to leave the hotkey unchanged.


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